Career Opportunities with Glencom Systems

Current Opening: IT Senior System Engineer

Glencom Systems, Inc. is a highly experienced provider of network infrastructure, security and managed service solutions for business, nonprofit and educational organizations. Our mission and focus remain unchanged since our founding in 1986 – to help our customers use their IT infrastructure as a strategic asset, empowering them to provide better services and to improve their operational efficiency and bottom line.

Our Motto: The hard we do right away; the impossible just takes us a little longer.

What We Offer:

Well we know what you really want to know is how much does the job pay and is Glencom a right fit for me – The pay is very competitive but we will ask and verify your salary history as part of the application process; we think it’s a win-win situation; don’t worry we will let you know the exact figure soon as we meet with you.


Up to $155K annually: amount will depend on salary history, experience, references, and a skills assessment. The better you are the more you are worth, right?  – We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling, we think everyone is great, but business is business.

Work Hours:

Salary is based on a minimum 40+ hour work week, but 40 hours is the norm. An average work day starts at 8am and ends after 5pm M-F; but there’s some flexibility in there. As you know in this field working after hours is required, including weekends; 95% of the times these are scheduled. Also there will be some travel; all travel is on our bill of course. You should expect to be out of the office at client sites 80% of the time – remember it’s about the billable hours.  Most clients are local within 40 miles, but there are the exceptions of long distance travel. Your lunch break is 1 hour; you can take it whenever you want.

Paid Time Off:

Years 1-5 you will get 80 hours of PTO (vacation, sick, and personal); you can carry over your time up to 1 year. We also have paid holidays built into the year.


Listen we know life happens, there’s no need to stress or have anxiety over it – yes the position requires a standard 8-5 M-F in house work schedule; but as stated above there’s wiggle room for legitimate reasons. If you need to telecommute, pass it by us and most likely it’s not going to be a problem, we just don’t want it to be a habit.

Meals & Community:

Some of us bring lunch in; some of us go out to lunch alone/together; some of us conjugate to the conference room; you’re invited to join any of us for lunch. It’s a common practice in the office if someone runs out to the store to be asked ‘Need anything while I’m out?’ don’t be shy. We also just renovated our kitchen {actually our entire office}, there’s always free coffee/tea and 99% of the time snacks. Fridays we usually take turns in providing breakfast for the office; we even make pancakes!

We do a company lunch on Fridays, for all major holidays and celebrate everyone’s birthday with a cake. At the end of the year we all go out with our plus 1’s to a nice employee appreciation dinner; it’s a great time to let loose and have some fun outside of the office. We also encourage employees to socialize with one another; we find it makes for a more copasetic work atmosphere. It’s common to overhear the gossip about last nights ‘it’ TV show. 

Glencom is also surrounded by a number of shopping malls, eateries, and coffee shops; there happens to be 3 more large shopping centers being built right now. We are 1 block from the train station and very close to all major highways. If you enjoy the outdoors there are many parks nearby to get some fresh air after a long day.

We Care:

We may be a small company but we have a big heart, we consider our employees family. We know that we all need to make a living, our company needs to prosper to make that happen, and sometimes hard decisions need to be made in the process. But, at the end of the day, we really care about our employees, their families, their needs, and their desires.

Company Structure

Since Glencom is a small company, there is opportunity to have a significant input in the technical, even global, direction of the company. There’s no big league red-tape or multiple channels you need to go through. You’ll be working with and reporting to one of the owners and or decision makers at all times. Skies the limit; you just need to take the reins and lead.

Daily Requirements

Daily responsibilities will primarily consist of working assigned internal and customer projects; support assistance as required by customer; and maintenance and upkeep of our own IT environment.

This isn’t any mundane job; week to week, day to day, hour to hour reasonability’s change. You might be on a project for a few hours or a couple months, as projects come about its essential you can evaluate the situation and accurately distribute your time and solve the problem.

Your ability to take ownership on a project, dispense your time accordingly, provide a solution, and complete the project is essential. We hold ourselves to a very high standard; our clients expect that from us, so we are counting on you to do the same.

We also count on you to be willing to work with others on projects and solutions. Just because it’s not in your’job description’ doesn’t mean we don’t count on you to step up to the challenge.

What We are Looking For

Required: (character)

  • Integrity: honest, fair, and adhere to a code of moral values
  • Good work ethic: you like what you do and you work hard at it; you work efficiently and take pride in what you do
  • Dedication: you really want to contribute, improve, and grow with our company; we don’t want someone who just shows up for a paycheck and does the minimum requirements of the job.
  • Teachable: you can take constructive criticism and work on improving. You will ask for help when you’re stuck and you also enjoy the learning process and have a drive to increase you knowledge base.
  • Resourceful: you can problem solve, think outside of the box, and know when to ask for help. But, you also know when you just need to put more effort into finding a solution on your own.
  • Technical Prowess: you ‘get’ the IT field and when faced with a new challenge it excites you. When new solutions and technology is available you want to learn more about it and be proficient.
  • Technical Diversity: we are a one stop shop, yes we know a bit more in certain fields, but it’s your job to know a little bit of everything – if you only know one aspect of the field, this job may not be a fit for you.
  • Flexible: things change all the time, we need you to be able to ‘roll with the punches’.
  • Professional: your well educated, been in this field for a while, you enjoy what you do, you excel at what you do, you take your job seriously, you know how to present yourself on the phone and in person, and you pay attention to details.

Highly Desired (non-technical)

  • Required: US citizen or ability to work in the United States without sponsorship.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university.
  • Customer-oriented, self-motivated, ambitious and dedicated team player.
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Professional customer service and organizational skill.
  • Must be able to personally lift, carry and reposition all parts of user workstations, servers, network appliances, printers and other information technology equipment as required.
  • Valid driver’s license and daily access to a reliable motor vehicle required.
  • Frequent driving or commuting from one client location to another is required within the New Jersey metro area. Some travel outside of the New Jersey metro area may also be necessary.

Highly Desired (technical)

  •  5+ years’ experience in IT infrastructure design and architecture across multiple distributed computing technologies, including server, network and storage.
  • 3+ years’ experience managing VMware infrastructures.
  • Advanced knowledge and experience managing MS Windows 2000/2003/2008 Servers and vSphere ESX/ESXi required.
  • Advanced knowledge of server hardware infrastructure, including HP Proliant and Blade servers, as well as enterprise datacenter strategies for efficiency.
  • Knowledge of MS Windows architecture design principles, practices, implementation and maintenance.
  • Relevant technical certifications in one or both of the following is preferred (MCSE, MCITP), however relevant work experience will be considered.
  • Relevant technical certifications and proficiency in one or more of the following is a plus (VMware Certified Professional – VCP ESX 3/ vSphere 4, 5).
  • Enterprise wireless LAN network design experience is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio.
  • Practical experience and working knowledge with Check Point software and equipment.
  • Knowledge of Cisco switch, routing, security and wireless networking. Cisco CCNA or above desired.

Skills You Need:

  • Lead network, server and virtualization deployments individually and as part of a team.
  • Communicate internally and with clients’ end-user and management groups regarding infrastructure design, maintenance and administration.
  • Accurately design and document client infrastructure.
  • Assess, recommend, plan and implement complex server upgrade and virtualization/consolidation solutions.
  • Analyze and develop network/system designs.
  • Work under limited direction with extensive latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.
  • Maintain and pursue additional technical certifications as required by Glencom Systems, Inc.
  • Review documentation written by others that describes implementation and operating procedures.
  • Assist in presale efforts by attending meetings, presenting to customers and helping to prepare design and scope-of-work documents.
  • Accompany/assist sales team members with on-site meetings, conference calls and or WebEx briefings.
  • Prepare and present product training and/or demonstrations to customers and/or sales staff.
  • Plan upgrades of operating systems and design systems enhancements.
  • Develop documentation on new or existing systems.
  • Develop and conduct tests to ensure systems meet documented user requirements.
  • Serve as a liaison with clients and participate in meetings to ensure client needs are met.
  • Take project ownership responsibilities that include gathering requirements from diverse business units, documenting proper designs and following through to project completion.
  • Ensure the technical integrity of corporate data by protecting against the loss and misuse of information and designing backup and recovery strategies.
  • Assume responsibility for the design, implementation, maintenance, troubleshooting and support of Windows server operating systems and server hardware in multi-site environments.
  • Perform all other reasonable System Engineer services associated with planning, deployment, installation, administration and management.
  • Install, integrate, operate and administer various hardware devices including Cisco routers, switches and network-interconnection devices.

Ready to Apply

If you have read the above and you are qualified and interested, then here’s what you do:

  • Please send email with your resume to:
  • In the body of the email, let us know a little about yourself; you can brag if you want.
  • Don’t forget to include the answers to the questions below:
  1. Client asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, how do you solve the problem?  What do you do?
  2. What constitutes success at a job?
  3. What would your co-workers say about you?
  4. Give us an example of one of the toughest problems you had to face and how you dealt with it.
  5. You’re on vacation, what is it typically like?

 Regarding Your Answers:

Please be honest and authentic when answering the above questions; if you get the job we’ll learn sooner or later if you weren’t and we don’t want that to happen. {That falls into the tough decisions on our end} Glencom has its strengths and weaknesses as do all of our employees; we want to make the right decision in hiring someone that works well with our company. We’re looking for someone to be here for the long haul.

Our Response:

Every resume will be read and we will respond to you; good or bad; we don’t want to be one of those companies that leave you hanging. We know your time and effort is just as valuable as ours, so as long as you followed the above instructions, you’ll be hearing back; if you don’t follow the instructions, well you know …. It wouldn’t have worked out anyway :o)