A Comprehensive Managed Services Framework

Glencom Systems delivers end-to-end proactive IT systems for monitoring and control.

With constant technology advancements, exploding data growth and rapid evolution of the ways we do business, IT has never been more dynamic or played a more strategic role in market success. Organizations are contending with the great opportunities – and the implications – of the growing blend of on-premise infrastructure, outsourced IT services, cloud offerings and virtualization.

At Glencom Systems, we understand that your organization’s ability to effectively adopt new technology, ensure optimally performing service levels, quickly respond to service disruptions, and prevent downtime can mean the difference in your business’s success. To thrive in this environment, organizations must fully leverage new and evolving IT services to support business objectives, without accepting any compromises.

Gain Unprecedented Control and Visibility with Glencom Systems Managed Services

Glencom Systems’ Managed Services were designed to help you gain the visibility and control that you need to realize maximum business advantages from your IT services and investments. We offer the capabilities and expertise you need to enjoy a unified view of your business services – whether they’re based in the cloud, in the data center, or both.

Our IT management-as-a-service (MaaS) solution includes comprehensive monitoring and IT service management functionality – integrated capabilities that enable continual infrastructure optimization and accelerated problem resolution.

With Glencom Systems Managed Services, organizations can:

  • Gain Peace of Mind. At any given time, you and your team fully understand the real-time status of service levels, as well as how those service levels are trending.
  • Eliminate Inefficiencies and Control Costs. As you maximize utilization and minimize downtime, you can reduce costs and benefit from an Opex-weighted budgeting strategy, rather than large Capex expenditures.
  • Enjoy complete control. You gain the power to control the end-user experience – no mysteries, no surprises.
  • Deliver and demonstrate value. Leverage a detailed, unified view of business services that enables you to deliver – and demonstrate – more value to the business.

Glencom Systems’ GC Smart Managed Services offerings can deliver these benefits and more. Read more about our options here, or contact us for an in-depth discussion.