Experience Unified Management, Monitoring and Reporting

GC Smart from Glencom Systems provides the IT flexibility you need.

As a trusted consulting partner to our customers, Glencom Systems’ mission is to help make your IT operations as efficient, streamlined and cost-effective as possible. This is where our GC Smart Managed Services bring a whole new dimension to supporting your business.

GC Smart offers a comprehensive network monitoring, alerting, reporting, trending, troubleshooting, VoIP network assessment and Service level compliance based on a negotiated service level agreement. Our customers choose GC Smart solutions because they help you to improve operations, expand and enhance services and increase market share.

The IT MaaS solution powering GC Smart Managed Services is uniquely mapped to the demands of today’s IT environments, offering the intelligence, sophistication, ease of use, flexibility and agility you need. Our GC Smart solution is available via software as a service (SaaS) and through an on-premise delivery model.

How Our Network Monitoring Capabilities Benefit Your Business

By leveraging our proactive network monitoring services, your business can realize significant operational and cost benefits:

  • Improve up time. Detect network anomalies and issues early preventing them from having a negative impact on the business.
  • Maximize resource utilization. We can leverage the trending capabilities of GC Smart to ensure resources are in place to accommodate demand – while simultaneously ensuring that you get the most use out of existing investments.
  • Free up internal resources. Because GC Smart is on duty 24X7X365, It will alert technical staff of network problems before users call, and GC Smart RCA (Root Cause Analysis) will likely point to the cause of the issue for rapid remediation.
  • Reduce costs. This is the net benefit of GC Smart Network Management. Improvement of uptime, maximized resource utilization, freed-up internal resources and improved response time can significantly reduce your IT costs.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

GC Smart is uniquely priced so that you can adhere to the best budget for your business – with a pay-as-you-go subscription or traditional perpetual usage licensing terms. In addition, the solution features usage-metering and billing, so it is easy to track your IT MaaS expenses – and bill internal groups or users for their use of IT services.


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