Achieving the Real Benefits of 
Virtual Computing

Glencom Systems’ team delivers the economy and efficiency of virtualization across the enterprise.

Virtualization is one of the most valuable IT advances in recent times, allowing superior levels of utilization, efficiency, flexibility and resiliency in multiple areas of enterprise computing. As the foundation for cloud computing models, virtualization enables the dynamic allocation of IT resources so that fewer systems can deliver the required performance levels. This creates substantial savings through greatly reduced space, power and cooling costs. It can help break down silos and make enterprise computing a highly optimized, efficient utility.

With expertise spanning the data center and network infrastructure, Glencom Systems can help you assess where virtualization can provide the greatest benefits in your environment. Our team will assess where your workloads expand and contract frequently, discover ideal resources for consolidation and deploy a virtualization layer that increases your infrastructure flexibility to automatically meet changing demand levels.

Server Virtualization

Partnering with leading virtualization technology providers like VMware, Glencom Systems can help you reduce physical server sprawl and simplify the creation of new server images on-demand, while centralizing infrastructure management and automating performance optimization.

Utilization can be improved dramatically – some achieve levels as high as 95%.

Storage Virtualization

By unifying your storage assets under a common management framework, we can help you provision and re-allocate storage capacity instantly, while reducing data redundancy and simplifying storage management.

Working with leading storage technology partners like NetApp, we can help you reduce your total storage asset requirements significantly as you maximize their utilization – and realize the resulting energy, cooling and space benefits as well.

Desktop Virtualization

Converting your stand-alone desktop environment to a virtual one can vastly reduce the labor and management requirements of desktop image creation, backup and recovery, moves/adds/changes (MAC) and desktop security management.

It also adds mobility advantages to employees who work remotely or travel frequently, enabling them to access their unique desktop environment from virtually anywhere.

If you haven’t yet realized the cost and management benefits of virtualizing your computing environment, contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your system and your potential savings.

Consider virtualizing your IT infrastructure to facilitate:

  • Cloud Initiatives
  • Server Consolidation
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery