Network Infrastructure and Security Solutions Built Over Three Decades

We understand technology evolution – let us help you create your path forward.

Glencom Systems, Inc. has been a leader in network infrastructure and security solutions in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan areas since we began business in 1986.

When we first opened our principal office in Linden, New Jersey, we focused on providing infrastructure and security products for minicomputer-based networks. We sold statistical multiplexes, analog and digital modems, protocol converts, line drivers, data PBX and similar merchandise that offered cost-saving connectivity and linked remote users to centralized minicomputers at their corporate headquarters.

Networking Expertise That’s Grown With the Industry

Over the years, we invested in training and formed business partnerships with leading technology providers, including Novell, NET, LANNET, Rad Data Communications and several other renowned companies. As microcomputers and network servers proved to be more cost effective than minicomputers, Glencom Systems purchased local area and wide area analyzers and formed additional business partnerships with Microsoft, Check Point Software, Avaya, Cisco and many other companies that offered hardware and software to build secure, high-performance, high-availability networks.

Glencom Systems became a participating Internet partner in November 1991. Until that time, the Internet had been restricted to sites hosted by the government and educational institutions. We were an early Internet Service Provider (ISP) before the advent of UUNET and AOL. We learned and grew as the industry continued to evolve.

Today, we use our experience, training and practical applications knowledge to assist our customers and future prospects as they find the best networking technologies that better their bottom line.

Glencom Systems’ solutions optimally address an array of infrastructure challenges, including:

  • Cloud and virtualization to increase utilization & reduce management requirements
  • LAN and WAN performance enhancement, load balancing & capacity management
  • Wired and wireless campus network upgrades & enhancements
  • Bandwidth management & traffic shaping of expensive wide area links
  • Network performance management & reporting
  • VPN infrastructure for WAN, remote offices, home-based workers & mobile employees
  • Comprehensive network security planning, deployment & monitoring
  • Internet and Intranet virus scanning, email filtering & reporting
  • Intrusion detection & prevention
  • Remote monitoring, management & maintenance of data center operations

These are just a few of the many services and solutions we provide. Glencom Systems offers a comprehensive range of skills and expertise to address all of your infrastructure security, availability, management, reporting and cost challenges. Contact us today to discover how we can help you to assess your individual needs.