Protecting Your Enterprise is Our Top Priority

Glencom Systems designs security solutions for every level of your network operations.

With the explosion of web-centric business operations and commerce comes an ever-growing pool of threats – both passive and active – to your extended computing environment. Employees, partners and customers need access to your networks, and they enter from a myriad of potentially unsafe endpoints.

Now, the “bring your own device” (BYOD) approach of allowing mobile enterprise computing with few restrictions is growing in popularity. With it, the challenges to protecting your network and applications from compromise are also increasing.

Dynamic Protection Becomes an Unwavering Necessity

Partnering with the proven industry leaders in network security, Glencom Systems takes your enterprise security seriously. We design custom solutions leveraging best-of-breed components that address your specific areas of risk and vulnerability.

Perimeter Security

With application-level attacks and corporate data theft on the rise, today’s businesses demand powerful network protection. Glencom Systems’ security solutions that are fully capable of keeping unauthorized users at bay and of preventing the full range of malicious system breaches. Our perimeter security solutions can:

  • Safely empower employees, partners and customers with appropriate access.
  • Stop threats at the gateway, before they reach applications.
  • Keep firewalls up-to-date with subscriptions to the latest information.
  • Interface with Internet Storm Center to block IP addresses deemed hostile.

Content Security

Glencom Systems delivers critical content security systems that can easily produce a profitable return on your investment, as they help you to reduce Internet traffic, decrease liability, increase employee productivity and identify threats. These include:

  • Email security to stop up to 98% of spam from reaching your network.
  • Web security that offers the maximum functionality, scalability and flexibility your organization needs.
  • Antivirus solutions to ensure your enterprise is protected at all major points of risk – from the desktop/client, email and groupware to Internet gateways, file servers, storage and even your mobile endpoints.

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