IPv6 Is Coming – Are You Ready?

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By now you have likely sensed the growing urgency around migrating your network infrastructure to the new IPv6 standard. With the explosive growth in Internet communications and computing endpoints – including sensors, mobile devices, even household appliances – the current standard IPv4 protocol is about to run out of addresses.

An interim solution, that of employing Network Address Translation (NAT) to conserve IP addresses, has been adopted by many organizations but still has its limits. The new IPv6 protocol, with its much longer addressing space, has been introduced to eliminate this issue and provide a vastly larger pool of IP endpoint addresses.

Why Does it Matter to Me?

Like so many technology shifts, the arrival of IPv6 creates a unique challenge for companies and individual users of the Internet: IPv4 and IPv6 are not compatible; therefore organizations must develop a strategy for transitioning to IPv6 that includes integration technologies, to enable communications by devices/users on either protocol. Failure to do so could result in some users not being able to access your public web and internal networks due to the interoperability issue.

As more and more devices and other endpoints begin to ship running only the IPv6 protocol, this issue could become significant. Additionally, many organizations will need the additional IP endpoint addresses enabled by IPv6 for their own growing requirements.

Plan Your Transition Now – Trust the Experts at Glencom Systems

As seasoned experts with decades of experience in network and Internet technologies, Glencom Systems can help your organization create a strategic plan for IPv6 migration, custom-tailored to your own processes, infrastructure and business requirements. We can help you with:

  • IPv6 Infrastructure Readiness Assessment
  • IPv6 Transition Strategy & Architecture
  • Solution Design & Engineering
  • Testing and Piloting of IPv6

Contact us today to begin the conversation about how your organization can most efficiently prepare for and deploy the IPv6 protocol without interrupting your normal business processes.

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