GC Smart Monitor

With GC Smart Monitor, you can dramatically improve service quality and reduce the costs of IT service delivery. This single, modern IT infrastructure management environment spans across traditional data centers, newer virtualization and cloud offerings.

GC Smart Monitor provides an impressive range of operational and cost benefits:

  • Comprehensive, extensible coverage. GC Smart Monitor is an efficient, scalable platform that you can use to monitor and manage all the elements of your IT environment — including networking devices, applications, databases, servers, storage systems, virtualization platforms and more. The solution can monitor any network devices that support SNMP and offer services that matter to your business. It can track network elements, LAN Switches, routers and many other SNMP enabled resources – all through a single console. Plus, you can use the same platform to monitor and manage your cloud-based infrastructure, and all the elements that comprise converged infrastructures like FlexPod™ and Vblock™ platforms.
  • Scalability to meet immediate and long-term demands. Our network monitoring platform has been proven to scale to meet the demands of the largest, most demanding enterprises – and is capable of supporting thousands of monitored devices and millions of events.
  • Deep monitoring that can actually prevent issues. With other basic network monitoring tools, you find out about issues after the fact – when they’re already hurting your business. We gather the in-depth information that enables us to predict issues and prevent them from having an impact. We offer deep coverage of errors, discard packets, bottlenecks in bandwidth, high packet loss, high response time that together result in degraded user productivity.
  • Service level insights. GC Smart Monitor provides the deep visibility you need to quickly respond to outages and events — so you can track and meet service level agreements. Further, it correlates transaction times with performance metrics from across the infrastructure to prevent down time and performance problems for your mission-critical applications and Web properties.
  • Sophisticated reporting – when you need it. We offer a range of reporting capabilities, including on-demand portals, customizable, self-service reports, and regular report distribution – so you and your team can always be informed. We make it easy to track performance in relation to SLAs, and forecast trends, so we can spot trends and take action before there’s a breach.
  • Ease of use that boosts productivity. In many cases, our team works cooperatively with our client’s internal IT staff to manage alerts and remediation. Consequently, our clients may need to work with the management tools we select. Our tools are very easy to use and require no specialized technical skills, so your team can quickly become productive – while investing minimal training and time.
  • Automation that speeds response. GC Smart Monitor offers a host of features that streamline monitoring, even in the most complex and dynamic IT environments. Our alarm database fast-tracks alarms and delivers them quickly to appropriate personnel, minimizing latency and accelerating problem resolution. The solution can automatically deploy, configure and display diagnostic information for all of your virtualized and cloud infrastructures.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring for Rapid Remediation

GC Smart can monitor specific devices, and most importantly the Network, as an autonomous system. The autonomous enterprise needs to be functioning at peak performance to deliver the critical applications users need to perform their responsibilities. GC Smart helps you avoid or resolve common user complaints:

  • The system is down… It’s unlikely that the entire autonomous system is down, but rather an essential component from the source workstation to the destination server or service has malfunctioned. GC Smart is designed to send alerts immediately upon a fault in the network infrastructure, and IT management can extend this ability down to the end-to-end applications.
  • The system is slow today… If the system is down hard, it can typically be isolated fairly quickly. If the system is slow all the time, that may also be isolated to the root cause. But when slowness is random, a good root cause analysis is necessary…but this can be very time-consuming and expensive to diagnose. GC Smart is designed to measure baseline performance, and set up Service Level objectives. After the service level objectives are agreed upon, a composite service level agreement (SLA) is put in place.
  • It’s not my problem, it’s the network… This is the finger-pointing dilemma. Firewalls between vendors that participate in the overall network are common. Hardware vendors, application vendors, wide area network providers, Internet providers and a host of application providers are frequently called upon when performance is sub-par. The network is often expected to be the root cause of the problem. GC Smart and Glencom are up to the challenge to remediate issues of any cause. If it is the network itself, Glencom will help you identify a solution. If not GC Smart will help you identify and resolve the issue.

With GC Smart’s extensive capabilities in a single platform, we can effectively isolate outstanding issues, resolve pending issues and establish baseline to predict network performance as the needs of your organization change.

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