Meeting the Challenges of A Web-Centric Business World

Glencom delivers the toughest technologies in network protection.

With application-level attacks and corporate data theft on the rise, today’s businesses demand powerful network protection. They need solutions that are fully capable of keeping unauthorized users at bay and of preventing the full range of malicious system security breaches.

Glencom has been partnering with leaders in network perimeter security like Check Point Software since the inception of their Certified Support Partner program many years ago.

We offer perimeter security protection solutions that can:

  • Safely empower employees, partners and customers with appropriate access.
  • Stop threats at the gateway, before they reach applications.
  • Keep firewalls up-to-date with subscriptions to the latest information.
  • Interface with Internet Storm Center to block IP addresses deemed hostile.

Our extensive technical knowledge of solutions, such as those from Check Point, allows us to offer an unparalleled level of support to our customers. Glencom can provide a wealth of services to help with your perimeter security, including:

  • Solution evaluation & selection
  • Software subscription renewals
  • Solution installations & upgrades
  • Risk & vulnerability analysis
  • Hourly or contract support

Contact us to see how we can assist with your security requirements or to find more information on our specific solution and service offerings.